Thursday, December 27, 2007

A letter from OEH

I was surfing on net n found some serious news n got revved up with interst to come back with my views on it.

Its all about the letter from Oriental Express hotel's CEO to Indian Hotels vice chairman n partner of Tatas Taj too...
for the entire tone of the letter.
visit the link
it shoots the quality of Brand India in all aspects..Its not the case jus OEH but also has been sensed across many sectors right from Mittal's acquisition.
ofcourse, We do accept we have miles to cross on roads of quality.
but how are we going to excel in global economy?
Tata, being the world's most respectable firm itself has faced such a hit, how about the faces of other firms which are striving...meeting up quality globally is the real challenge India Inc is facing up.when there are good solutions like SEZ, there are equal problems as Nandigrams...

i wonder on one side, a colourled water syrup has turned as a global brand for beverage with multiple folds of profit, on the other side , a respectable firm has been lambasted on its spine of hospitality...

though poor on Bran India, chuk de Brand India!

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Ramc said...

Good One ! Very useful news for a Bangalorian ... :)

Sindhu said...

Hi Chandrika,
Just visited yr blog. Long time since you posted something..hoping to see more:)